In order to receive the ecobee4 advanced thermostat at no cost, you must participate in Entergy’s demand response program. Our Demand Response Program lowers your energy use at times of peak demand by allowing Entergy Arkansas to communicate with your ecobee4. By participating in a demand response program, you help keep your Entergy bill lower and our electric grid reliable and efficient. And even better, at the end of each year, you will receive a $25 incentive for your participation in the program. You can leave the program at any time by notifying Entergy and returning the equipment.

How it Works

For most months of the year, your ecobee4 thermostat works like any other advanced thermostat, using your Wi-Fi connection to communicate with weather sources and sensors to keep you comfortable. But between June 1 and Sept. 30 each year, your ecobee4 will alert you when an energy-saving demand response event is underway and provide the time an event is scheduled to end.

Who is Eligible?

This offer is available to Entergy Arkansas customers who:

Please fill out the following information to see if you qualify and to arrange for a program representative to get you signed up for installation.

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  • * Owner or Renter?
  • * Does the customer have functioning WiFi?
  • * Is the customer a current participant in the Summer Advantage direct load control program?